Visual Comm / Media Programs

Bachelor's degrees programs in media studies, communication, graphic design and the fine arts are offered at many universities, and they often emphasize a combination of practice and study. They may allow students to both create and study media. Film majors, for example, can study the history and theory of film and digital media, and then apply their knowledge to their own creative projects. Graphic design programs train students in commercial graphics production, studio art and printing techniques, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). These students may also gain larger context through coursework in art history, sociology and cultural studies. The BLS notes that graphic designers may also pursue associate's degrees, which can be obtained from two and three-year professional schools. Game development is another lucrative field for those interested in media studies. They learn how to analyze game play and gamer demographics. These students may also train in crafting the levels of multi-player worlds online, and ultimately choose to focus on game development, writing or marketing.